The Indiana Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Fidlar Technologies welcomes Jackson County as they go live with AVID [AVID, now live in Jackson County, has begun changing the way that Amanda Cunningham Lowery, Jackson County Recorder, and her staff accomplish their goals.]
  • Jackson County sees early returns in efficiency and productivity [Jackson County is loving AVID and the improved workflow that it helps them achieve. AVID provides an array of utilities and services to Jackson County.]
  • AVID provides unmatched improvements to index integrity with the help of iNSPECT [With iNSPECT, indexers no longer have to hand-type all the index data on the document. With a simple button press, validated information is put into the index, reducing the chance for human error.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to highlight the time, effort, and commitment Jackson County has shown towards the implementation and utilization of AVID and iNSPECT. Changing the way your office works is no small undertaking, but Jackson County has thrived with the innovations of AVID and the work they have been able to accomplish already. With changes that provide improved ease-of-use, increased efficiency, and a push towards a paperless workflow, AVID has helped Jackson County step forward in modernizing their recording ecosystem.

Amanda Cunningham Lowery, Jackson County Recorder, has shown that her and her staff have an aptitude for adapting to change. The recording world is evolving at an unprecedented pace and Amanda and her office were determined to not fall behind. With the addition of iNSPECT, county staff have become data validators rather than data enterers. iNSPECT, designed internally by Fidlar Technologies developers, is an assisted-indexing system that promotes precision and accuracy. Amanda values the integrity of their index and the accuracy of their data, and iNSPECT helps to, quickly and easily, improve the overall levels of each. With additional utilities such as back indexing, imaging, and improved data entry now at their fingertips, Jackson County is reaping the benefits sowed by iNSPECT.

AVID reduces the overall man hours, and effort, required to accomplish various document recording responsibilities, increasing the amount of work the Jackson County office can accomplish every day. Creating a paperless workflow, AVID helps offices towards quicker turnaround times and creates a more environmentally friendly county. In an ever-changing technological world that has continued to affect recording processes across the nation, AVID and iNSPECT continue to help counties reach new levels of productivity. Fidlar Technologies welcomes Jackson County to the AVID family and looks forward to a bright, symbiotic future.

“We just went live with AVID and it has been absolutely amazing. We love how everything is in one system. It has allowed us to streamline so many processes, and we can’t wait for future integrations such as Swift. Why would anyone want to index without AVID and iNSPECT? It’s so fun!”

-Amanda Cunningham Lowery, Jackson County Recorder

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