The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: January 2016


We are proud to inform you that the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk’s Office has completed a smooth conversion and is now fully operational with AVID. The culmination of AVID‘s live day was the result of numerous combined factors. Fidlar’s Conversion Team worked to analyze and convert existing land records, court data and scanned images to ensure that it was imported flawlessly into Fidlar databases. To execute a flawless import, necessary steps were taken to normalize the data. A conversion analysis was also delivered to the county to highlight areas that could be improved and to inform of steps the office could take to ensure that all historical data was accurate.

While the data and image conversions were performed, the Project Manager worked in a parallel fashion inside the county office. There, the Project Manager kept users informed, offered an analysis of the office workflow and trained in preparation of AVID‘s live day. Lafayette’s analysis indicated that only one task per transaction could be performed at a time by staff. With AVID, all staff were cross-trained and given the capacity to work concurrently alongside each other, increasing their ability to process new data as a team.



00eByteAR“I couldn’t be happier with the way our conversion went. There was no doubt that Fidlar was going to have us up and running with AVID because I knew they were taking all the right steps with handling our data. We worked closely with Tracy Townsend here in the office and were able to train on an AVID workstation. I feel that it was one of the reasons we were able to enjoy a smooth live day when we turned AVID “on”. Fidlar people are completists, and I look forward to seeing more of what I know they are capable of.” – Valarie Clark, Lafayette County Circuit Clerk