The Missouri Fidlar eByte: March 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Lafayette County Recorder of Deeds’ Office has begun accepting eRecordings! Recorder of Deeds JoAnn Swartz has enabled documents to be submitted electronically to the Lafayette County Recorder’s Office. eRecording diminishes the delays and costs involved with mailing or hand-delivering the same documents for recording. By utilizing this technology, Lafayette County can help constituents by offering current and advanced processing methods that are becoming more and more commonplace on the national level.


“I wanted to keep the office up-to-date with current and available recording technology. With eRecording, we’re able to accept and process recordings for anyone, from anywhere. The process going forward will definitely be faster than the traditional means of recording via paper documents. So far we’ve gotten great feedback from our customers who have submitted eRecordings. I look forward to seeing the number of our processed eRecordings increase within the coming months.” – JoAnn Swartz, Recorder of Deeds