The Indiana Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • LaGrange County succeeds in back indexing all deeds back to 1832 and all records back to 1974 [LaGrange County, utilizing AVID, has reached an impressive recording goal.]
  • LaGrange County began their AVID journey in 2016 [In 3 short years, LaGrange County has achieved impressive benchmarks with the help of AVID.]
  • AVID provides unmatched improvements to accessibility and productivity [AVID accomplishes many goals for county offices by providing an improved recording experience, top of the line imaging, and more.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature LaGrange County and the monumental goal they recently reached. Putting more than 5 years’ worth of work into this indexing project, LaGrange County has now, proudly, indexed all deeds back to 1832 and all records back to 1974. AVID provides many quality of life improvements, making day-to-day responsibilities more accessible and approachable. Whether the project is big or small – and in LaGrange County’s case, it was impressively big – AVID helps counties across the nation achieve their recording goals. LaGrange County is now onto their next big project and will continue to utilize the tools AVID provides.

Jennifer McBridge, LaGrange County Recorder, and Sheila Getz, LaGrange County Deputy, were both relieved and proud of the work their county had accomplished. With over 40 years of deeds to work through, they turned to Fidlar Technologies and AVID to help reach their target in a quicker and more efficient manner. Various utilities provided by AVID simplify and streamline the recording process of an array of different record types. Additionally, AVID provides a premier selection of addons and modules that help counties like LaGrange County achieve their target goals.

AVID is the leading land records management software. AVID boasts a host of useful options including imaging, back indexing, and more. AVID offers improved search functions, integration with a wide selection of modules, and more. AVID is the ideal program for counties looking to take a step forward in this digital age in an easy and accessible way. Reach your own impressive goals, right alongside LaGrange County, with the help of AVID and Fidlar Technologies.

“Back around 2012-2013, we finished back indexing our records to 1974. Now, we can proudly say that we have met our goal of back indexing all deeds back to 1832 after more than 5 years of work! The process was smooth and easy with the help of AVID and now we’re onto the next big project!”

-Jennifer McBride, LaGrange County Recorder

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