The Ohio Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Lake County signs on to transition from iDoc to AVID this year [Lake County Recorder of Deeds, Becky Lynch, and her office prepare as the coming transition from iDoc to AVID takes place with a target date of November 2019.]
  • Improved productivity and integrity on the horizon for Lake County [AVID provides accessibility to a wide array of vastly useful tools and technologies, opening the doors for Lake County to achieve greater productivity and greatly-improved index integrity.]
  • AVID sets the scene for great accomplishments [AVID streamlines the recording process and creates a paperless workflow, reducing the man hours spent on daily tasks.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Lake County and the step forward in technological modernization that Becky Lynch, Lake County Recorder of Deeds, and her staff are taking later this year. With their coming transition from iDoc to AVID, Becky and her office have an important objective laid out ahead of them. However, the county will experience a seamless transition with the help of Fidlar Technologies Project Managers who will be on-site training and supporting the county throughout the process.

The advancements made from iDoc to AVID are noticeable and include many useful features and capabilities, including an array of add-on modules and utilities, shortcuts and hotkeys, and upfront scanning that all reduce turnaround time on daily tasks. Becky has her constituents in mind when searching for the latest and greatest tools and services available, and with the help of Fidlar Technologies, those citizens will benefit alongside the county office. Many of the features of AVID directly benefit the customer as well, such as upfront scanning which reduces the wait time for customers and provides a solution quicker and easier. Improved and on-demand search functions ensure less counter time, and touchscreen capabilities allow for increased accessibility for customers and staff alike.

AVID, powered by iNSPECT, is a powerful tool in the document recording realm. Fidlar Technologies developed AVID to revolutionize the data entry and management aspects of recording, effectively reducing innumerable tasks to far more manageable responsibilities. Alongside the long list of utilities that AVID features, Lake County will also continue to receive stellar customer service from the Fidlar Technologies support staff. With any transition, issues are sure to arise and the Fidlar support staff are ready to face them head-on with Lake County. Fidlar Technologies and Lake County eagerly await the launch of AVID later this year, where a symbiotic relationship will help both entities learn and improve.

“I am very excited to begin our transition to AVID later this year. Utilizing the new technology and modernizing our recording process will benefit our customers immediately. I love the idea of returning documents to the customers upfront- the customers really appreciate that!”

-Becky Lynch, Lake County Recorder of Deeds

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