The Indiana Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Suffering a recent ransomware attack, LaPorte County Recorder’s Office recovers with the help of Bastion [As the LaPorte County Recorder’s Office makes a quick recovery, Bastion continues to provide unmatched backup and document security services.]
  • Bastion protects documents and data in a hosted infrastructure [Hosting data off-site in a high-security location allows for counties to rest easy, knowing that if disaster strikes, their data remains safe and accessible.]
  • In the face of disaster, the LaPorte County Recorder’s Office never falters [Jumping right into action, LaPorte County calls Bastion into action. Upon regaining internet access, county staff was hard at work to keep the county wheels turning.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the resounding success displayed in the LaPorte County Recorder’s office, where a recent ransomware attack failed to knock the Recorder’s office off balance. When things were about to go from bad to worse, LaPorte County Recorder Lois Sosinski, relying on Bastion, was able to continue business as usual. The office was without internet access for nearly 2 hours and Lois expected a flood of calls to come rolling in, clamoring for access to the Official Public Record. However, with Bastion on their side, the calls never came. The hosted infrastructure of Bastion had the LaPorte County Recorder’s office up and running as soon as the internet returned.

Lois came into the office early that Monday, greeted by signs and warnings to not even touch the office computers. Discovering what had happened, Lois jumped into action, contacting Fidlar Technologies and her Partner Relationship Manager, Greg Sullivan. Keeping level heads about them, Lois and Sully worked through the process of recovering a normal workflow in their office, discussing the recovery protocols that Bastion provides. One year into their contract with Fidlar Technologies and Bastion, Lois and her staff found themselves relieved that they chose to be proactive in the face of growing cybersecurity threats. Every day a new threat evolves and adapts to another line of defense; Bastion stays ahead of the curve, ensuring that county documents and data are safe and protected.

Bastion is a web-based utility that provides accessibility to county documents and records as long as an office has adequate internet access. Guaranteeing the safety of county records, Bastion stores recorded documents off-site in a secure location, providing a cloud-based security system for counties. Reducing the need for large hardware, software licensing fees, maintenance, and the costs therein, Bastion provides an all-in-one solution for counties looking to protect their county and continue growing in efficiency. With the help of Fidlar Technologies and Bastion, counties across the nation can easily be proactive in the face of looming cybersecurity dangers.

“Despite originally being wary of the cloud, we are very pleased with what Bastion has provided us. Our IT staff were excellent, and Sully and the Fidlar Support Team at Fidlar Technologies provided next level support. We didn’t know we’d need to be prepared for something like this, but we’re glad we were protected by Bastion.”

-Lois Sosinski
LaPorte County Recorder

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