The Michigan Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Laredo Anywhere provides access to documents from any mobile device [Laredo Anywhere presents an untethered, accessible-anywhere platform for public and private searchers alike.]
  • Search saving, notifications, and accurate search results create an optimal search experience [With modern utilities provided by Laredo Anywhere, users can take work on the go with them. Laredo Anywhere helps counties to reach new generations of searchers.]

Fidlar Technologies is constantly endeavoring to reach new heights within the digital recording atmosphere with the goal of providing the best for county partners. Laredo Anywhere offers unmatched utility and convenience for searchers from the public and private sectors alike. Laredo Anywhere features next-generation cross-device search saving with its Save a Search tool, allowing users to create a search on Laredo, save it, and then access it on any internet-connected device with Laredo Anywhere. Users can also choose whether they want to be alerted via text or email when a new document is recorded that matches their saved search criteria. With this added functionality, Laredo searchers are able to take work on the go with them, accessing newly-recorded documents with the help of Laredo Anywhere.

Laredo Anywhere consistently provides searchers with accurate query results, combing through documents that have been scanned and indexed at the Register of Deeds office. Once a user has completed a query, their results are displayed in a variety of ways, grouped and ordered by various types of indexed data, all of which can be saved for future searching. With the convenience and improved usability of Laredo Anywhere, county offices can reach a new generation of document searchers with nearly-immediate access to the information those users require.

To further improve the utility and usefulness users can gain from Laredo and Laredo Anywhere, Fidlar Technologies encourages attendance in regularly-offered Laredo/Laredo Anywhere training webinars, which you can sign up for here. These webinars cover an array of useful information, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting assistance.

For more information about Laredo and Laredo Anywhere, visit or contact Scott Moore at