The Ohio Fidlar eByte – September 2018

County Partners offer Remote Access with Laredo

  • Remote access tools provide options to searcher
  • Robust tools = stronger searching capabilities
  • Laredo Anywhere – mobile capability for searchers
  • Fidlar provides technical support to external users


Fidlar’s longtime dedication to providing innovative products for the Recorder’s Office has led to the development of a powerful and unique remote access product suite. The search tools we create for the Recorder’s Office allows the searching professional to utilize current technology while providing options to best suit their needs. The subscription-based Laredo and online-based Tapestry provide the searcher with numerous features that allow for a powerful searching experience.

The recent upgrade to Laredo includes multiple new features that enhance the user’s ability to perform advanced searches for documents. Customizable features such as Saved Search will give direct notification to the searcher via email or text of newly recorded documents. IRIS, now available directly to the external user, gives the ability to create custom search lists for Party Names & Subdivisions. Since the start of 2018, the following Ohio County Partners have received the upgraded Laredo: Holmes County, Lake County, Marion County, Miami County, and Scioto County.

The new features of Laredo provide that searchers are better prepared to find the data they seek. By offering a stronger and faster service, users can elevate their ability to perform necessary tasks. This is why we are proud to offer Laredo Anywhere. This tool serves as a companion service that provides mobile search capability on popular mobile devices – searching outside of the courthouse and the office is now an option to industry professionals. Fidlar’s remote access product suite is maintained to serve as the best search option in the marketplace.

Once an external user is searching county records via Laredo Desktop and Laredo Anywhere, they can optionally contact Fidlar Support for assistance. Our dedicated support team is on-site and conveniently accessible via email, phone call or online chat to assist with any questions or requests from external users.



“We’re pleased to offer Laredo to the constituents of Marion County. Applying new technology and searching methods to the Recorder’s Office and the records therein allows us to greatly advance the services we provide. Laredo gives searchers an in-depth ability to find records from our repository. Our searchers will find great value in utilizing remote access tools.” – Karen Douglas, Marion County Recorder