The Maine Fidlar eByte – August 2018

Sagadahoc County Offers Strong Searching Ability via Laredo

  • Laredo – reputable and reliable search tool used by thousands
  • Offering remote access tools increases potential for revenue
  • Training opportunities provided via webinar and on-site sessions
  • Fidlar delivers technical support to external users

Fidlar is pleased to offer remote access tools that greatly increase searchers’ ability to access public records managed by the Registry of Deeds Office. The subscription-based Laredo and online-based Tapestry provide the searcher with options to best suit their needs. These esteemed tools offer unique searching function and power to the user; both industry professionals and the general public can access the county repository in a secure manner outside of the courthouse.

Our remote access tools are maintained to serve as the best search option in the marketplace and when offered they can increase the potential for outside revenue to the Registry of Deeds Office. Both Laredo/Tapestry account to the user the associated fees for accessing and printing records. Reporting features of the tools provide the Register with the ability to monitor items such as account usage and charges made per user. Functions such as these increase an office’s ability to validate the revenue generated by Laredo/Tapestry.

We perform comprehensive training to ensure that industry professionals are able to maximize the potential of our remote access product suite. Fidlar Representatives regularly travel on-site to perform training which allows local users the opportunity to get a clear account of new features and to field any product-related questions firsthand.

Once an external user is searching county records via Laredo Desktop and Laredo Anywhere (the mobile companion service), they can optionally contact Fidlar Support for assistance. Our dedicated support team is on-site and conveniently accessible via email, phone call or online chat to assist with any questions or requests from external users.



“I’ve found Laredo to be very useful for performing searches in Sagadahoc County. The program’s features allow for thorough and unique searching which come in handy when seeking specific criteria. Laredo has proven itself as an easy search tool to use and I am pleased to have it available to me as an industry professional.” – Sally Davis, Real Estate Paralegal