New and Upcoming Laredo & Tapestry Counties for October 2016


arhowardNew Counties Click County to go to their direct page.

Howard AR

Lafayette AR

Manistee MI

Carroll NH


iljersey3Upcoming Counties

Lafayette AR

Murray MN

Lonoke AR

Jersey IL

Piatt IL

Gibson IN

Pike IN

Warren IN (Tapestry Only)


Next Laredo/Tapestry Training

Webinar on November 8th at 10 AM (CST)

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Tip Of The Month

In Laredo, you can use the % symbol as a wild card to expand your search. For example, if you don’t know if it’s Smith or Smyth you would search Sm%th. The wild card can be replaced with single letters (E%iott finds Eliott) or multiple letters (E%iott also finds Elliott).