The Missouri Fidlar eByte – September 2019

  • Bastion provides peace of mind and a valuable sense of security [In an age of ever-changing digital dangers, Bastion keeps counties safe and protected – and your office comfortable in that knowledge.]
  • Bastion’s shield of protection also covers APEX and vitals records [With the launch of APEX on the horizon in Linn County, residents can rest assured knowing their vitals documents are also protected by Bastion.]
  • Technology ages and needs replacement – Bastion helps [As time moves forward, technology becomes outdated and needs replacing. Incorporate immeasurable value with maintenance-free servers from Bastion.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Linn County and the noteworthy efforts they are taking to protect themselves and to stay up-to-date with modern technology. With their recent switch to Bastion, Linn County, and their valuable documents and records, are now protected by the safety provided by Bastion and Fidlar Technologies. Our digital age is a dangerous one with hackers and viruses lurking around every corner and Bastion provides an invaluable sense of security. As cyber threats continue to grow and adapt, counties must do the same or fall behind, and Linn County is helping to lead the charge against cyber attacks.

Loretta Brookshier, Linn County Recorder of Deeds, shares her appreciation of Bastion and the security and convenience it provides. Her county’s servers and databases, invariably aging and facing other challenges, needed to be replaced to maintain the high quality of standards Linn County shoots for. Bastion features hosted servers, reducing time spent maintaining servers and cutting down on expensive software needed to do so, freeing up man hours and budget for other important areas. As Linn County approaches the launch of new vitals recording software APEX, Loretta rests easily knowing that the county records are safe and the eventual transition will be seamless.

Bastion provides a hosted production environment, granting counties the access and accessibility of having AVID at their fingertips, without having AVID on their office computers. Housed on protected, off-site servers, a county’s records are preserved and fortified in a way that only Bastion can provide. The only requirement for Bastion is a simple one- a user workstation with adequate internet access and the appropriate peripherals. Linn County will now stay ahead, stay afloat, and benefit from the utility and security that Bastion provides.

“We’ve been live with Bastion for a few weeks now – we don’t even know it’s there! It provides us with peace of mind knowing we’re more secure against all the ransomware out there these days. The setup was painless and we’re glad to have it!”
-Loretta Brookshier, Linn County Recorder of Deeds

Want to learn more about how Bastion can protect your county? Contact Damon Seys at for additional information.