The Illinois Fidlar eByte – January 2018








  • County increases online access with Laredo/Tapestry
  • Increases potential revenue for office
  • Fully adopted AVID recording system
  • Taking advantage of Fidlar’s history of product innovation

Stephenson County was looking to increase access to their records for their constituents. County Clerk/Recorder Vici Otte decided to increase the online availability of their records with the remote search tools Laredo and Tapestry. Each tool provides users with options to best suit their needs. The subscription-based Laredo and the online-based Tapestry allows for documents to be retrieved securely by searchers, conveniently in their own work environment.

Tools such as Laredo/Tapestry have long been great search options; both were designed to maximize convenience and search effectiveness for users. Additionally, Fidlar proudly offers the companion service Laredo Anywhere which provides mobile search capabilities on popular mobile devices. Providing enhanced access tools like Laredo/Tapestry greatly increases both the access to records and the potential for additional revenue for the County Clerk/Recorder’s Office.

The integration of these tools ultimately led to a full partnership between Stephenson County and Fidlar Technologies. For Stephenson County, this meant they were also going to adopt the land records management system, AVID Powered by iNSPECT, into their office. With AVID, office staff will be better prepared to handle the processing of documents and eRecordings.



“In considering what the benefits would be in making records available online, we decided it would be advantageous for both our office and for our searchers. Local attorneys and titles searchers were requesting Laredo by name, as they had been using it in our neighboring counties. Also, we were very impressed with what Fidlar had to offer in technical support. They not only take our calls but they’ll take calls from the private sector. As for recording software, the inclusion of necessary functions like eRecording made AVID very appealing. I was familiar with Fidlar and the sound reputation of their product. The timing was just right, so we moved forward with entering into a complete Fidlar partnership.” – Vici Otte, Stephenson County Clerk and Recorder