The Illinois Fidlar eByte: September 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Logan County Recorder’s Office has found offering Laredo and Tapestry to their searchers to be highly beneficial. Remote searching increases the availability of records, increases the convenience factor of searching records, and provides county offices with an additional channel to gain outside revenue. The subscription-based Laredo and the online-based Tapestry allows for documents to be retrieved securely by searchers, conveniently in their own work environment. These tools are auxiliary products and can be utilized by a county office regardless of who their primary software provider may be.



“Having our records available online is incredibly beneficial to both our office and our searchers. Remote access is super convenient and it makes sense to provide the public with these tools. It makes our jobs easier and it also makes acquiring records for searchers more convenient. Tools such as these allow for time to be saved, those in need of finding recorded documents can do so from their own work space at any time of day.” – Sally Turner, Logan County Clerk & Recorder