The Illinois Fidlar eByte: March 2016

Fidlar would like to commend the Madison County Recorder’s Office for protecting their constituents with Property Fraud Alert. Madison County Recorder Amy Meyer implemented the service to help prompt early notification for homeowners if there was ever fraudulent activity attempted on their property within the county. Constituents sign up for the free service and are automatically alerted via phone call or email if there is recording activity associated with that individual’s name.



“We proudly offer Property Fraud Alert to our public. I have traveled throughout my county speaking of the importance of the service, and the need to protect landowners from property fraud. I have also worked with our Sheriff and State’s Attorney to assist in the successful prosecution of property fraud cases. From our efforts to publicize the program, we have received over 100 new subscribers per month. While we offer the service as a form of prevention, I ultimately want to discourage fraudsters from viewing our office as a target.”

– Amy Meyer, Madison County Recorder