The Missouri Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Marion County adds Official Records Online as new public service [Official Records Online brings increased accessibility to a county’s citizens – completely free of charge.]
  • Marion County increases accessibility to certified records [Accessible anywhere, Official Records Online provides Marion County citizens with a secure avenue of purchasing certified records online once their identity has been verified.]
  • Confirms a citizen’s identity before access is gained, reducing threat of fraud [An important aspect of Official Records Online, citizens must first answer several background questions before gaining access to online records.]

Fidlar Technologies is eager to feature Marion County this month, as the county office has finalized the installation of Official Records Online, a free service that provides modern-age purchasing accessibility for certified documents. Official Records Online grants a county’s citizens the capability to locate specific documents online, from any desktop, tablet, or phone. Upon verifying their identity and confirming the documents they should have access to, county constituents who are newly married, retiring, moving, and all others, can purchase documents easily and conveniently. Saving citizens the effort of not having to find their way to the Recorder’s office saves time and effort for everyone involved.

Marion County Recorder of Deeds Harla Friesz, aware of the benefits available from Official Records Online, has taken the step forward into advanced document accessibility. With younger generations becoming a stronger force in the world, their desire to obtain what they want, when they want it, is shaping businesses and governments around them. Receiving countless calls from across the nation, Marion County has decided to turn those into online requests from across the world. To adapt is to thrive, and Marion County has shown the willingness to adapt to the needs of their proud citizens.

Official Records Online is a web-based system that has been designed for all demographics and creates an improved atmosphere for citizens looking to purchase certified copies of their marriage and land records via credit card. By automatically requiring identity confirmation prior to granting access to certified documents, Official Records Online guarantees that residents can only access the documents they should be accessing prior to orders being placed. Official Records Online, available to all counties regardless of their current software vendor, will help your office become the primary source for copies of documents in your county, from any screen of your constituents’ choice.

“We get a large amount of phone calls from our constituents in search of certified documents, whether they’re newlyweds, retirees, or they have moved and need a new copy of their document. Official Records Online will provide our office, and our citizens, with an exciting level of convenience when searching for the certified documents they need, and we believe the online aspect will appeal to our younger generations. I’m looking forward to the time this will save everyone involved, and I’m proud to implement this service for our constituents with the help of Fidlar Technologies.”
-Harla Friesz, Marion County Recorder of Deeds

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