The Ohio Fidlar eByte: September 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Marion County Recorder’s Office has completed a large-scale imaging project that has digitized documents back to the 1800’s. Via the Media Conversion processes of Fidlar, Marion County will be able to ensure that they have a digital copy of their physical documents in case they are ever lost due to natural disaster or from normal wear and tear. Each original document was scanned, cleaned up, named and imported back into the county’s system. By digitizing decades of the Official Public Record, County Recorder Karen Douglas has ensured that it will be around for many future generations and made it more accessible to her constituents.



“We’ve received a number of favorable comments and thanks from my title searchers as well as attorneys. It’s wonderful to have the project completed and the result is helpful for everyone. We don’t have to get the large plat books down to search for things, we are also going to be able to preserve the physical plat books longer. Searchers are able to easily perform their inquiries and conveniently print copies from our workstations in the office.”  – Karen Douglas, Marion County Recorder