The Michigan Fidlar eByte: March 2016


Fidlar would like to commend the Marquette County Recorder’s Office for protecting their constituents’ interest with Property Fraud Alert. The system provides notification to the possibility of fraudulent activity on a property or mortgage. Constituents sign up for the free service and are automatically alerted via phone call or email if there is recording activity associated with that individual’s name. Notifications are sent promptly, giving that subscriber the opportunity to possibly save themselves time and avoid paying large legal fees if the document recorded is determined to be fraudulent. The alert system is one of the Community Outreach Service products that keep Land Records Offices across the country an essential resource for the public.



“The service is very easy to sign up for and performs such a vastly effective task for homeowners via an automated email or phone call. A lot of times judgement liens are recorded within the office and people have found it very helpful to be made aware of it since they didn’t realize that it could affect the property they own. I encourage all property owners to visit to sign up for this powerful and free service, today.” – Carla L’Huillier, Marquette County Register of Deeds