The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • Counties utilizing media conversion services safeguard their valuable data [Converting recording books to digital backups guarantees an additional layer of safety for valuable pieces of history.]
  • US Imaging works directly with counties to digitize county records [US Imaging begins digitizing county records as soon as the program kicks off; scanning books, transferring files, and indexing documents is done hand-in-hand with Columbia County.]
  • After conversion is completed, files and backups can be imported to AVID for validation [Fidlar Technologies works closely with media conversion counties to provide a solid understanding of their new system.]

Fidlar Technologies is excited to highlight the efforts of Columbia County as they partner with Fidlar Technologies on their current Media Conversion project. Reaffirming the value of their data, documents, and recording books, Columbia County decided to convert their files to refined digital copies, creating a safer and more easily-accessible system moving forward. Columbia County’s newly digitized records will then be imported directly into AVID, allowing for data validation to begin and for increased accessibility via Laredo and Tapestry.

Columbia County Circuit Clerk Angie Keith made the decision to dive into the Media Conversion process, duplicating and cleaning up many years’ worth of land record documents. The Media Conversion procedure begins and ends with six steps, handled directly by US Imaging, and provides a peace of mind to Angie and her office that was hard to ignore. Media Conversion creates an enhanced and improved digital copy of all scanned documents, clarifying many visual aspects of the county’s data.

As documents are scanned, they can be cleared up with color correction, text refinement, image skewing and rotation, and more. Media Conversion applies to all types of documents including vitals records and land records of all types. Columbia County’s documents will be safer and more accessible for their constituents than ever before. Click HERE for an example of the enhancing Media Conversion provides, including increased clarity, coloration, skewing, and more.

“After switching to Fidlar Technologies, we decided to do a scanning project of our older records. The scanning went excellently and it took no time at all; we hardly even knew they were here! Some documents need a lot of cleanup, but the ones that I’ve seen look really good! I’m happy with the work being done, and I look forward to exploring further cleanup and indexing with Fidlar Technologies.”
-Columbia County Circuit Clerk Angie Keith

Want to learn more about how Media Conversion can provide increased document safety and accessibility? Contact Damon Seys at for additional information.