The Fidlar Minnesota eByte, January 2016


Fidlar Technologies would like to welcome and congratulate Michael Stalberger as Blue Earth County’s new Director of Taxpayer Services. Prior to taking the position, Michael worked as Blue Earth County Assessor beginning in November of 2011. Over the last year, he prepared to take over as Director of Taxpayer Services. Michael was able to attend the Fidlar College in November where he was given insight into what has kept the partnership between Blue Earth and Fidlar thriving for more than fifteen years. We are proud to be partnered with Blue Earth and will continue to work closely with Michael and staff in the future.

“I attended my first Fidlar educational event, the recent Fidlar College of Recording Arts. From this first experience, I can see the events that Fidlar hosts are important. I know that they are sided with the Recorder and will remain there to keep that bond strong. I definitely feel that they are looking into the future and are going to be there to help us any way they can. After an event has ended, you know that you’re leaving with something that will be of great use, either back in the office or within the general perspective of things.”
Michael Stalberger, Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services