The Michigan Fidlar eByte – June 2018
Saginaw County Becomes PIN Driven Office
  • PIN driven move for Saginaw County
  • Goal of increased intra office data share
  • PINtegrity advances data consistency
  • Indexed PINs increase searching ability

We are pleased to share that the Saginaw County Register of Deeds Office is making strides toward establishing stronger data links with other courthouse offices via the Parcel ID number. Register of Deeds Katie Kelly is working on an initiative to increase data accessibility led by using PIN as the shared common link between the offices of the ROD, Treasurer and Equalization. Moving forward, the Saginaw County offices will continue maintaining their respectful capacities but will greatly advance their inter-office data integration through the indexing of the PIN. Becoming PIN driven within the county has led to more documents being submitted with a PIN included.

Choosing to be PIN driven will allow Register Katie Kelly’s office to continue advancing their ability to share data with other offices. Assisting with the change to becoming PIN driven is Fidlar’s application called PINtegrity. Via the PINtegrity application, the user is able to better maintain crucial items such as legal description, address and PIN. PINtegrity gives an office the ability to enhance their legal index by populating valid data that correlates to the PIN, automatically.

Sharing the PIN county wide greatly advances the accessibility to data for the searching public and being PIN driven can assist with maintain a stronger synchronicity between the county and the constituent.



“As I came into the Register’s Office, I realized I wanted to push the levels of accessibility for recorded data further than before. A way that we’ve been able to do this was to begin speaking the language of PINs, adding them to our index and therefore making the Register of Deeds records compatible with other departments within the County. By indexing PINs with AVID and PINtegrity, we can use existing data to verify the validity of new documents we take in – increasing the overall validity and consistency of our repository and simplifying accessibility to the County and the public.” – Katie A. Kelly – Saginaw County Register of Deeds, MI