The Arkansas Fidlar eByte: April 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Miller County Circuit Clerk Office has recently made the transition to our land records management system, AVID. Circuit Clerk Mary Pankey was interested in updating the technology in their office and with AVID they will be better prepared to execute eRecordings, reduce paper shuffle and improve the efficiency and integrity of Miller County’s recording process.



“This switch was the BEST transition of this magnitude I have ever been part of! The Fidlar team not only got us up and running quickly, but also pointed out things during the workflow analysis that gave us pause which produced many ‘aha’ moments. The AVID hotkey shortcuts are magnificent, and I can say the same about having the ability to schedule reports. I am giddy to have these reports available and can’t get over the fact that I can bill customers right from AVID!” – Mary Pankey, Miller County Circuit Clerk