The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – July 2019

  • Milwaukee County and Fidlar Technologies to host Public Service Seminars [A look into the enhanced services provided in partnership with Fidlar Technologies, Milwaukee County set to host seminars in July.]
  • Services expand for searchers in Milwaukee County [Register of Deeds in Milwaukee County, Israel Ramón, sets out to introduce new services and educate local searchers on the benefits therein.]
  • Milwaukee County continues to provide unmatched benefits to county constituents [Milwaukee County continues to leverage existing utilities while introducing new services to further improve the quality of accessibility provided to county constituents.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight Milwaukee County and the efforts new Register of Deeds Israel Ramón continues to put forth. Milwaukee County is set to begin providing new services and tools to their county constituents. To provide a better understanding of these new utilities, Milwaukee County has scheduled several days of Public Service Seminars, open to the public. Israel Ramón, alongside Fidlar Technologies’ Scott Moore and Cheryl McCarthy, will host the seminars on July 23-25th.

Click HERE for the official news release from Israel Ramón. To register, contact Diana Grabeel at

These seminars will outline several products that the county will be utilizing, as well as other products that the county plans to introduce. One such service, Property Fraud Alert, is a tool available to all county residents – completely free. Designed to increase public awareness of the fastest-growing white collar crime, Property Fraud Alert notifies homeowners when their official records are flagged for suspicious or fraudulent activity. Upon such an event occurring, homeowners are promptly notified, allowing them time to react and potentially save themselves from legal fees and wasted time. Easily accessible and low maintenance, Property Fraud Alert provides an additional layer of safety to your county constituents.

Laredo, Fidlar Technologies’ subscription service that searches through the Official Public Record, has several new features that will also be outlined. Laredo Anywhere, an on-the-go, mobile-friendly service increases accessibility to an important tool like nothing else. No longer do constituents need to access computers to search for documents, as they can now do it on their phone or tablet, as well. Saved searches, allowing users to save a search and receive notifications when recorded documents meet that criteria, ensure that you never miss a document before closing again. Iris, one more new feature to Laredo, gives the ability to search through the public record based on an array of aliases; whether you’re searching for Robert, Rob, or Bob, you’ll have an increased rate of success in tracking down the document you’re in search of.

While Israel, Scott, and Cheryl will be covering Property Fraud Alert and Laredo in-depth, other new and existing services will be covered as well. These seminars, with over 2,000 people and businesses invited to attend, are indicative of Milwaukee County’s commitment to furthering the accessibility and efficiency of their records. Attendees can look forward to learning about new and existing services that can simplify and streamline their day-to-day expectations with the help of Israel Ramón and Milwaukee County.

We encourage you to join us at the seminars, which is easy; click HERE for information. We encourage you to attend, learn, and network at any of the three presentations.

Please RSVP to Diana Grabeel at to let us know which seminar you plan to attend.