The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – July 2018

Every Deed Record digitized back to start for Milwaukee County

  • Milwaukee County digitizes every historical Deed record
  • Digital media format increases availability of records
  • Fidlar offerings encompass the needs of ROD office
  • Commitment to serving Fidlar partnerships

We are pleased to share that the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Office is in the final stages of completing a large-scale imaging project that has digitized all recorded Deed documents back to 1835. Via the Media Conversion processes of Fidlar, partnered with US Imaging, Milwaukee County will be able to ensure that they have a digital copy of their physical documents in case they are ever lost due to natural disaster or from normal wear and tear.

Each original document was scanned, cleaned, named and will soon be imported back into the county’s system. By digitizing decades of the Official Public Record, County Register of Deeds John La Fave has ensured that it will be around for many future generations and made more accessible to every constituent.

Fidlar’s goal has always been to work closely with our partners to provide them with the most powerful solutions that will in turn help them provide a better service to their communities. We strive to exceed the expectations of each partner on all sides and we want to champion each and every hurdle that your office overcomes. Our partnerships are strengthened through our abilities to deliver customer-centered support, land records management systems, remote access services, community outreach programs, imaging services, and maintaining technical installations & updates.


“Milwaukee County has entered the final stage of the media conversion for our Deed Records going back to the very beginning of the county, 1835. This has been a large undertaking and I am very pleased to have the project nearing its completion. By performing this task, we increase access to these records and we ensure that Milwaukee County data will be kept in a perpetual state for generations to come.” – John La Fave, Milwaukee County Register of Deeds