The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte: August 2016


We are pleased to announce that longtime Fidlar Partner, the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Office has recently transitioned their office to our secure hosted production environment, AVID Bastion. Bastion provides all the features of AVID with iNSPECT to users and replaces the need for an on-site server infrastructure, which an IT department or third party company would have to maintain. The only requirement for the county is the user workstation with peripherals and an internet connection.

AVID Bastion provides the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Office with a higher degree of security for the Official Public Record. County data that is stored with our hosted production servers are backed up at a secondary off-site repository. If the primary server environment were to be jeopardized, the backed up data will be able to get your office resuming activity within hours of the incident.

By moving their system to this secure and reliable environment, County Register of Deeds John La Fave will have peace-of-mind knowing his county’s data is safe and usable for his staff, remote searchers and his constituents.



“Our IT department is excited to have our office on Fidlar’s hosting service as they have been moving in this direction with other departments in the county, as well. They appreciate how it removes the responsibility and the necessary maintenance away from them. It’s convenient for us, as well; Fidlar has direct access to our system, allowing them to install upgrades and implement the necessary changes without having to go through the process of accessing a county server. Knowing that our hosted environment is also being backed-up to a second location gives us peace-of-mind that there’s a safeguard in place in the event of a disaster.” – John La Fave, Milwaukee County Register of Deeds