The Voice • December 2018

John Wesley Jr., a resident of Milwaukee, was checking on his recently deceased father’s home when he found a suspicious notice taped to a window. The notice, which was full of grammatical error and was nearly without punctuation, stated that the house was being placed into receivership for violations of code and for its abandoned condition.

Decidedly, Wesley called the phone number on the receivership notice and was put in direct touch with John Hemphill. Hemphill stated he worked for the government and through his company, United States Receivers Caretakers Association, he was going to take ownership of the property. Wesley insisted that Hemphill meet him at the property, but a meeting never occurred.

This was not the first time Hemphill had claimed to be a government representative. With nefarious action dating back to 2006, he was convicted and jailed on counts of mail fraud and impersonating a federal officer.   When an imprisoned Hemphill was interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he stated he had documentation that proved him to be “a fully legal agency” which was capable of placing properties into receivership. Hemphill was unable to produce the documentation during the interviews as he was in prison at the time. However, he propositioned the interviewer that if they could produce the $500 bail, he would present the documents. [1]

At the time of the interview, Hemphill was being held at the Milwaukee County jail in an unrelated case. The District Attorney’s Office is still investigating the case involving Wesley and Hemphill.