The Michigan Fidlar eByte: April 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Montcalm County Register of Deeds Office has implemented both Anchor and IRIS into their land records management software, AVID. With Anchor, users are able to efficiently maintain and manage the county’s valid legal parameters within their land recording system. It will also act as an authenticator to indexers, and optionally to your submitter, if an indexed legal is valid, invalid or out of range. IRIS enables users to establish and create standardized indexing formats. IRIS both strengthens the integrity of the Official Public Record and increases searchers’ confidence that they will find the desired results.



“We’ve found Anchor to be the perfect tool to use when processing our plats. It allows us to be certain that legal descriptions are accurate and it gives us the confidence to be able to notify the submitter when a legal description is invalid so that they can correct it. With IRIS, we’re able to expand upon our own database which enables our searchers to retrieve more accurate results when searching for records. Having tools such as these makes me believe that we are recording our documents with stronger accuracy and at a higher level.” – Lori Wilson, Montcalm County Register of Deeds