The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • New county recorder pushes for upgrades [A renewed focus on modernizing the office is calling for new technological advances in eRecording.]
  • Smaller counties can benefit just as much [Every size county can benefit from the tools AVID and its associated products provide. Efficiency knows no bounds.]
  • Reduce the cost of everyday tasks [Enables an increased level of access for the public and lowers the overall costs of daily tasks and jobs.]
  • AVID represents eRecording in its purest form [AVID, as the fullest expression of what eRecording truly is, is the go-to program for counties across the nation.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to announce to the state of Arkansas a bold step forward for Montgomery County. With renewed focus on advancing their technological standards, the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk’s office has switched from iDocument recording to eRecording with AVID. With this switch comes a jump forward in overall efficiency, as well as increased ease-of-access for the citizens of Montgomery County.

Montgomery County is a proud county of 8,919 citizens and has made further inroads into the world of digitizing their recording processes, proving that counties of any size can benefit greatly from the services Fidlar Technologies and AVID provide. Whether a county is big or small makes no difference, as efficiency knows no bounds.

eRecording was originally begun to streamline the document recording processes for counties across the nation. When this movement began, AVID was designed to be the go-to program for eRecording, providing a streamlined process and an ever-increasing range of support and features. Montgomery County is a prime example of how to optimize document recording in the modern age; technology should be embraced and utilized, and doing so can return an overall benefit to each and every county. As Penny Black and Montgomery County continue to explore the world of eRecording with AVID and Fidlar Technologies, their everyday tasks will become more efficient and cost-effective.

AVID opens up employee man hours for a wider array of tasks and reduces the overall complexity of the recording process. In the world of traditional document recording, countless hours are consumed handling paperwork required to record documents. The paperless workflow AVID creates negates the need for envelopes, scanning, and mailing, and expedites the entire document recording process even further. With add-on modules that further improve the eRecording process, Montgomery County is blazing a valuable, noteworthy trail.

“We began iDocument recording in 2006 and switched to AVID in 2017. As the first county to partner with Fidlar Technologies in Arkansas, we’ve been receiving questions from neighboring counties ever since. The switch to AVID has been a big change, but it has been a good, user-friendly experience thus far. The product managers and support staff have been absolutely wonderful and have been a reliable source of help whenever we’ve needed them. We’re happy with the services and support that Fidlar Technologies has provided us; it has made our continued push into the digital age even easier!” -Penny Black, Montgomery County Circuit Clerk