• BASTION provides Disaster Recovery plan
  • Cyber-attacks continue to effect ROD office
  • Quickly resume recording in the event of a disaster
  • Fidlar offerings encompass the needs of ROD office

Fidlar Technologies proudly offers products and services that focus on local government, particularly the Register of Deeds Office. BASTION, our hosted server offering, provides the Register of Deeds with a Land Records solution that is both secure and reliable. All Land Records images and data are stored on Fidlar hosted production servers located in a communications grade colocation facility which are then backed up at a secondary location. Your office will have the peace-of-mind knowing that your county’s images and data are safe and usable to staff, remote searchers, and constituents at all times and especially if natural disaster or server failure were to ever strike our local office.

As natural disasters pose a threat to the status of your Official Public Record, non-natural disasters pose a threat that is more pointed to local government offices. Malware and ransomware strikes pose an imminent threat to the Register of Deeds Office. BASTION offers technical security for your office against cyber threats.

When the user processes data with AVID at the county office it is stored in two separate and secured remote locations, ensuring a safe and effective plan in the instance that county data was ever hacked. If the primary BASTION server environment were to be jeopardized, the backed up data will be able to get your office resuming activity within hours of the incident.

Working in the AVID BASTION hosted server environment provides the user with document imaging, redaction, eRecording functions and more. All the major functions necessary for superior land records recording activity are offered through one source. The only technical requirements of AVID BASTION is the user workstation, workstation peripherals and adequate internet access.

If you or your staff are concerned with the threat of a cyber-attack, ask your vendor what they offer for a hosted-server environment solution.



“Fidlar has provided server hosting services to us since 2012. Moving Dunn County onto BASTION was a simple choice to make – since it will continue to safeguard our data. The off-site hosted servers provide an extra level of protection for not only images and data – but also of our financials and reports as well. In the event of a disaster hitting Dunn County, our office would be back up and running in a matter of hours with the BASTION resource.” – Heather M. Kuhn, Dunn County Register of Deeds


“Having BASTION saves us the cost of maintaining servers as well as with IT services. Previously, our county would have to contract an IT company for services since we don’t have on-site IT staff. The biggest benefit I feel BASTION offers is the peace-of-mind it provides against the possibility of a disaster strike – thanks to the off-site storage and backup of our data. With BASTION, our records will be secure, research can continue and our computers will be up and running within a very short time frame.” – Carol Burmeister, Buffalo County Register of Deeds