The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Quickly distribute certified record copies [ORO offers a convenient and secure method to receive requests for certified copies]
  • Simple implementation [Offering ORO is without cost – implement regardless of vendor]
  • Increase services offered [Providing a variety of community services increases the value delivered to the constituent]

When your office receives requests by phone for certified copies of marriage and divorce records, how often are they needed in a short amount of time?

Official Records Online (ORO) service allows constituents to easily obtain certified copies of records from the Register of Deeds Office. Counties that currently offer the service are providing a major convenience to their public who appreciate the value of being able to purchase their certified records online. With, requestors are able to purchase certified copies of marriage and divorce records conveniently via credit card transaction using a computer, phone or tablet.

A major benefit to the requestor is the shortened amount of time it takes to receive their certified copies versus having to make the request via phone, or traditional mail. Individuals are no longer required to mail a physical request form, as the process of ID verification is done via the application process on the ORO website.

Regardless of who your land records provider may be, any county can easily offer the ORO service without start-up cost and requires no annual fees. Offering ORO in your office does not mean that other services or methods to obtain these records need to be removed – it only expands the services delivered to the public. ORO increases the ease and accessibility of obtaining certified copies from your office – the primary source.

“We have been more than happy with the Official Records Online (ORO) service. Offering it in Sawyer County has been a pleasure, as we fulfill the requests for certified copies quite easily. We can quickly send to the requestor their documentation and in a manner that is secure for us. We love ORO!” – Paula Chisser, Sawyer County Register of Deeds