The Michigan Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • Ogemaw County joins the Fidlar Family with AVID [Fidlar Technologies welcomes Ogemaw County with open arms as they sign on for AVID paperless eRecording.]
  • Ogemaw County values the all-in-one value of LifeCycle [LifeCycle provides an all-in-one, affordable rate package for AVID and its many modules.]
  • Ogemaw County future-proofs their office with LifeCycle [LifeCycle provides counties with a long list of useful tools that are kept updated including iNSPECT, Anchor, Iris, and more.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to welcome Ogemaw County to the Fidlar Technologies family. Denise Simmons, Ogemaw County Register of Deeds, recently signed on for AVID and the LifeCycle package. LifeCycle future-proofs the Ogemaw County office, guaranteeing that these products will remain supported and up-to-date and that any new AVID modules will be added to their arsenal automatically. Denise and her staff now have the best insurance against technology obsolescence without having to worry about budget approval from their board for new products in the future.

AVID becomes more powerful and more capable of tackling the many challenges of the recording world with useful programs that come included in the LifeCycle package, such as:

  • iNSPECT, an assisted indexing add-on that promotes precision and accuracy in recording data;
  • Iris, which standardizes indexing procedures, providing more accurate user search results;
  • and more, including Swift, Anchor, and the many other utilities AVID brings to county offices.

As Fidlar Technologies welcomes Denise Simmons and her staff to the Fidlar team, Ogemaw County gets ready to experience a whole new world of eRecording accessibility. AVID provides unparalleled usability and creates an ecosystem that promotes a paperless workflow. As the county explores the world of AVID and eRecording, the staff will experience user friendly aspects of the program such as an improved AVID Search, scheduled reports, imaging, and more. Alongside the many tools and programs that Ogemaw County is gaining use of, they will also have access to Fidlar Technologies’ star support staff to help resolve any issues that may arise throughout the years. Fidlar Technologies welcomes Ogemaw County and embraces a bright future of partnership together.

“We just signed on with Fidlar Technologies in August, and we’re excited to jump into the 21st century of eRecording. We currently do not have an online presence, but are eager to provide useful tools to our county constituents. Scott Moore was a pleasure to work with and the sign-on process was effortless. We can’t wait to modernize our recording with AVID and Fidlar!”

-Denise Simmons, Ogemaw County Register of Deeds

Want to learn more about AVID and the LifeCycle program? Contact Scott Moore at for additional information.