The Kansas Fidlar eByte – January 2018


  • AVID offices routinely receive software upgrades
  • Fidlar installs, configures and trains the updates
  • LifeCycle Partnership saves county $50,000
  • Fidlar Technologies privately owned since 1854


Republic County were recently upgraded to the newest AVID version 4.2. The upgrade includes a number of new user-driven features that came from annual User Group Meetings, county visits and feedback from our Support team. A particular item that Republic County liked about 4.2 was being able to launch any available Fidlar application from within AVID. Project Manager Chase Gridley was on-site to familiarize the Republic County staff with the new features of AVID. Once training was completed, Fidlar IT installed and configured the upgrade, allowing the county to quickly continue recording documents.


Republic County was also able to take advantage of their LifeCycle Partnership. Through the LifeCycle Partnership, they were able to implement brand new software such as Anchor, Iris, SWIFT, and iNSPECT into their land recording system without additional cost. These modules add valuable new features to their office like the ability to eReturn documents with  SWIFT, adding more functionality to their remote searchers with Iris, and making use of our in-house assisted indexing technology with iNSPECT. Non-LifeCycle customers pay to implement each of these items.

All of these valuable upgrades and new LifeCycle modules are possible because Fidlar works exclusively with the Register of Deeds Office. This allows us to dedicate every resource towards supporting and improving the software and services we offer without any distractions. We value each and every partnership with our customers and can give each one peace-of-mind knowing we are a privately owned company and are not for sale.



“One thing I really like about the Lifecycle program is that I can have new software without additional cost to my office. When I tell my commissioners about a new update, it’s really nice being able to explain how I am able to get it. I have also told my associates about some of my new programs. Since we are a LifeCycle office, there is no additional cost. They can’t believe it. To me, this is one of the many great selling points as to why I like Fidlar.” – Peggy Frint, Republic County Register of Deeds