The Voice • April 2018


Last month, the Property Records Industry Association publicized that the state of Oregon became the ninth state within the United States to fully adopt eRecording statewide into every jurisdiction.

Starting in 2011, states began reaching for a complete adoption of eRecording applications, starting with Colorado. More states did the same, which include Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Massachusetts. PRIA President Mark Ladd stated, “eRecording has hit another milestone with Oregon moving into the 100 percent column.” [1]

The statewide adoption of electronic recording, or eRecording, in Oregon proves that the electronic process is being widely adopted throughout the industry. The eRecording process helps to improve the quality of the document being recorded, diminishes the time it takes to have the document recorded and also reduces the costs involved to both the submitter as well as the land recording office.