The Michigan Fidlar eByte: September 2016

In the event of a natural disaster, it is important to have a disaster-recovery plan established to allow for recorded data to remain accessible after the incident. In May of this year, the Oscoda County courthouse caught fire and the physical office of the Register of Deeds was a loss. The office had taken precautionary action and backed up their data onto local hard drives. The most up-to-date backup hard drive was connected to the server, both of which became water damaged as a result of the fire.

Fortunately, Fidlar Support was able to retrieve all document information, which in turn was used to get the Oscoda County Register of Deeds back up and running extremely quickly. Fidlar staff were on-site and able to coordinate the necessary steps to get the office back online and running for their public searchers. The Register of Deeds office has since implemented Bastion, Fidlar’s hosted-server service that allows for data to be stored in two separate and secured remote locations, ensuring a safe and effective plan for recovering county data.



“I’m very grateful to have a committed vendor like Fidlar, they were able to help us recover and return to normalcy after the event. Mark Lystiuk was there the day after the fire, and I’m very glad he was. The lines of communication were wide open and we were kept informed of progress as it happened. He really went above and beyond, taking steps to make sure that my staff were going to have the equipment necessary for when we were able to resume a working status.”- Jeri Winton, Oscoda County Clerk/Register of Deeds