The Michigan Fidlar eByte – November 2019

  • Ottawa County becomes the first county in Michigan to go LIVE with APEX, the pinnacle of vitals recording software.
  • Ottawa County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Justin F. Roebuck, brings unprecedented convenience to the vitals recording world.

“We just went live with APEX and here’s the cool thing…”

Fidlar Technologies is excited to share the news that Ottawa County is now LIVE with APEX. As the first county in Michigan to launch APEX, Ottawa County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Justin F. Roebuck, is blazing a trail in the vitals recording world, bringing unmatched, digital convenience and usability to their citizens. Ottawa County Clerk/Register of Deeds Supervisor, Jody Hansen, has worked closely with Fidlar Technologies throughout the installation process and has experienced the change APEX brings with it. Ottawa County now has a modern solution to an ageless vitals recording ecosystem, modernizing their office and reducing paper in an ever-growing attempt to streamline their daily workflow.

Graphic: Michigan counties are signing on for APEX. Ottawa is live, with Clare next in line.

APEX is adaptable, changing to meet a county’s needs, whether big or small. No matter the change or challenge – whether it be statute changes, marriage shifts, or policy transitions – APEX can adjust to meet your county’s needs and desires. APEX is brandable, featuring never-before-seen branding opportunities that connect you with your constituents, aligning your name and brand with that of quality and consistency. Statistics show that branding is critical to future growth and loyalty, and APEX‘s multiple branding opportunities ensure continued growth and exposure.

Photo: Molly Johnson, Ottawa County Clerk/Register Technician, at work with APEX

APEX is personal, designed with your citizens’ needs in mind. With new, accessible-anywhere applications, citizens can begin their vitals application from the comfort of their home or on the go with any internet-connected device. Customers utilize a guided, step-by-step application process unlike any other, reducing the chance for human error on a large scale. APEX is digital, modernizing vitals recording efforts with online accessibility, customer-facing kiosks that reduce counter time required, and allowing for more data validation and less data entry. Ottawa County has stepped into the future of vitals recording with APEX, and Fidlar Technologies congratulates them on their hard work.

“We just went live with APEX and here’s the cool thing – there’s an amazing comfort in knowing we have the dedicated, confident, and extremely talented team at Fidlar behind us every step of the way. APEX’s tablets will help us cut out the printing of an entire document altogether, helping our office minimize paper documents. Our APEX experience is going really well, and Fidlar helping when necessary is amazing.”
-Jody Hansen, Ottawa County Clerk/Register of Deeds Supervisor

Want to learn more about how APEX can modernize vitals recording for your county? Contact Scott Moore at for additional information.