The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – June 2019

  • Otter Tail County makes important strides forward [Otter Tail County utilizes PINtegrity to reach optimal efficiency in the Parcel Management world.]
  • PINtegrity allows counties of all sizes to increase efficiency [Big or small, PINtegrity can help them all. PINtegrity helps streamline the Parcel Management processes for Otter Tail County.]
  • PINtegrity works wonders in the hands of many or few [Otter Tail County has made leaps and bounds in their leg completion percentage at the hands of only two employees.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to shine the spotlight on a hardworking office in Minnesota – Otter Tail County. With a hefty goal of finalizing validation and creation of parcel relationships by Fall 2019, Otter Tail County Recorder Carol Schmaltz and Chief Deputy Lynn Larson have been hard at work. Monumental tasks require the best tools to complete, and Otter Tail County has been working smart and hard, employing the use of PINtegrity to simplify their workload.

In today’s age of digital progression, PINtegrity represents the pinnacle of parcel management. Counties who utilize PINtegrity find increased efficiency in their day-to-day indexing and back-indexing, creating an easier and less time-consuming workflow. Displaying renewed vigor, Carol and Lynn have progressed to an impressive 60% completion. With the help of PINtegrity and Fidlar Technologies, Otter Tail County has turned a nearly-insurmountable task into a puzzle whose pieces are all beginning to fit.

Alongside improved indexing capabilities, PINtegrity allows a greater access to your data for the public. PINtegrity simplifies the research of the everyday citizen by including a Parcel ID number (PIN) in a document’s index. Anyone who knows their street address can run a search through the county records and find the appropriate documents with the help of PINtegrity. Implementing a PIN into these documents normalizes county records and increases connectivity between customers, governments, and industries across the nation.

“It’s like putting a puzzle together – I enjoy doing the research. Another unexpected bonus is that indexing gets faster and faster; not just in our day-to-day documents, but in back-indexing, as well. We’re excited to hear who else joins the PIN driven movement across Minnesota”. – Lynn Larson, Otter Tail County Chief Deputy

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