The Minnesota Fidlar eByte – February 2019

  • Laredo performs and operates with secured port connectivity [User-to-county link is kept secure]
  • Monitoring reports created and deployed [With reports – activity deemed illegitimate is red flagged and reviewed by Fidlar Development team]
  • Proactive monitoring of user activity [User activity under constant monitoring by Fidlar]

Fidlar is pleased to offer remote access tools that greatly increase searchers’ ability to access public records managed by the Recorder’s Office. The subscription-based Laredo is one of the tools that provides industry professionals with a quick, easy to use, and efficient means of accessing County Land Records. A professional tool for searchers, Laredo provides secure connectivity to the Recorder’s Office repository for subscribers outside of the courthouse.

Laredo is maintained by Fidlar to serve as the best search option in the marketplace. Fidlar’s internal Development Team has taken steps to create and deploy reporting functions. Via these reports, search activity that would be considered unusual or illegitimate is red flagged for review by the Development Team. This reporting of user activity is but one way that Fidlar provides security to every record within the Recorder’s Office repository.

We perform proactive monitoring of Laredo activity on a regular basis. This monitoring is a continuation of the built-in reporting to keep ahead of any possibility for nefarious activity. Every measure taken is to ensure that access to your repository is completely secure when it is made available to the public through the Recorder’s Office.

“I am pleased to offer search tools like Laredo which gives access to our public repository but allows us to retain control over how access is granted. Offering remote access has numerous benefits and provides great convenience, but keeping County records secure is our highest priority. Our confidence in Laredo is high and it has to be because it is essential that the Official Public Record be treated in an ethical and legitimate manner.” – Julie Kalkbrenner, Kandiyohi County Recorder