The Indiana Fidlar eByte – June 2018

Johnson County moves to BASTION Hosted Environment

  • BASTION secures records against all elements
  • Recorder retains function in county-wide disaster
  • Reduces Workload of IT Department
  • Absolute back-up redundancy for recorded data

Fidlar is pleased to offer products and services that assist with advancing the abilities of the Recorder’s Office. With AVID BASTION, the hosted-server environment, the recording staff will process and enter documents into the official repository in the most secure manner possible. Via the BASTION environment, Johnson County data will be stored and hosted with Fidlar production servers that are backed up to a secondary off-site repository. Recorder Jill Jackson will have peace-of-mind knowing that their Official Public Record will remain secure and maintained to the highest degree.

AVID BASTION provides the unique ability for the Recorder’s Office to maintain recording function if the entire courthouse were ever to be affected by a disaster. As data is processed with AVID by a user, it is securely transferred and then stored within two separate remote locations. This infrastructure ensures a safe and effective plan in the instance that county data was ever put in harm’s way. If the primary BASTION server environment were to be jeopardized, the backed up data will be able to get your office resuming activity within hours of the incident.

The AVID BASTION environment also alleviates some of the typical duties of the county IT Department. Tasks such as maintaining technical hardware, updating software and routine server backup procedures that may typically be performed on-site by county IT or a third-party IT vendor are performed instead by Fidlar from a secure, protected off-site location.

As a service, BASTION undoubtedly ensures that recorded data will remain preserved. All Land Records images and data are stored on Fidlar hosted production servers located in a communications grade colocation facility which are then backed up at a secondary location. The Official Public Record of your county will remain in a state that ensures a full and absolute recovery in the face of disaster.



“We are happy to have Johnson County moving onto the BASTION environment. By doing so, we can help lessen the workload of our IT department while increasing our ability to keep recorded information in a secure environment. IT will no longer need to perform regular maintenance on our servers as that will be handled from Fidlar’s end. I’m happy with the fact that our records are now going to be kept as secure as can be.” – Jill Jackson, Johnson County Recorder