The Kansas Fidlar eByte: November 2017


Fidlar is proud to offer tools that are essential to the land document recording industry. The dedicated members of the Development Team work to create software and services that can be utilized to increase the functions of local government land recording offices. Through our premier land recording software system, AVID, Powered by iNSPECT, Fidlar can assist with increasing the abilities of every user. Additional modules and services like Anchor, Iris, SWIFT and Bastion advance the processing abilities of each County Partner.

The Development Team works in-house to upgrade and improve upon existing products while actively developing tools to be utilized with future releases. These improvements are user-driven, meaning we reach outside of our organization for feedback and input from our County Partners to include in product upgrades. The tools created by Fidlar constantly evolve to increase the value we provide to the user, which is apparent with last year’s release of iNSPECT and recently the upgraded version of AVID 4.2. At Fidlar, we pride ourselves with our knowledge, experience and understanding of the land recording industry.



“This month Republic County received the new version of AVID, we also began working with iNSPECT which has been great! The thoughtfulness that goes into AVID is very apparent when you see its features in action. Seeing documents processed with iNSPECT is a delight, the way the software reads for items and presents them for verification is a great way for staff to confirm validity and to minimize human error.” – Peggy Frint, Republic County Register of Deeds