The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Ozaukee County making use of CrowdForce with great success [With a back indexing job stretching back through decades of documents, Ozaukee County makes good use of CrowdForce.]
  • CrowdForce helps provide additional progress [CrowdForce is a service that enables your public records to be redacted and indexed by a team of qualified members.]
  • Increase the security of historical records with CrowdForce [CrowdForce members use an auto-redaction utility in addition to performing “eyes-on” quality checks.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the efforts of Ozaukee County and their staff as they continue to make impressive progress on their back indexing efforts. With books stretching back “forever”, according to Deputy Register of Deeds Patty Van Eimeren, the Ozaukee County office was faced with a massive undertaking whose progress was limited by one simple fact: there aren’t enough hours in the day or people on staff. Such a large project would be difficult for any county office to manage, but between CrowdForce and the Ozaukee County staff, the indexing project has seen impressive progress, bolstering Patty and her efforts.

Ozaukee County’s back indexing project is estimated to take around three years to finalize, with potential slow downs when the staff reaches handwritten records from decades ago. Issues like these face counties everywhere, but Patty and her coworkers found no reason to let that slow them down. CrowdForce features a team of qualified and specialized members whose hobby has become the betterment and advancement of county recording efforts. Patty and her staff have worked hand-in-hand with the members of CrowdForce, hastening their county indexing efforts. While the CrowdForce team members continue to work regardless of how busy the Ozaukee County office is, Patty has the ability to directly monitor and manage the progression of the CrowdForce indexing efforts, guaranteeing a higher success rate across the board.

CrowdForce is a service that enables your public records to be redacted and/or indexed by our team of capable CrowdForce members. Daily workflows within your office are largely constrained by time and staff availability, but CrowdForce helps to ensure continued progress without hiring new staff or paying for overtime. With CrowdForce, members use an auto-redaction tool, in addition to performing an “eyes-on” check, to help counties accomplish lofty records goals. Additionally, CrowdForce helps to complete the indexing of digitized documents, granting county constituents with enhanced overall accuracy and validity of their documents. CrowdForce provides trusted, well-equipped team members, and their skills, experience, and knowledge, to counties across the nation in an attempt to protect the validity and importance of your historical public record.

“We are 6 months into our current project and CrowdForce has been a big help so far. CrowdForce makes our project more approachable, helping to resolve the fact that we just don’t have the time or the staff for such a large project by ourselves. The staff at Fidlar Technologies has been excellent in helping us answer questions we may have along the way!”

-Patty Van Eimeren, Ozaukee County Deputy Register of Deeds

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