The Illinois Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Perry County makes the shift from iDoc to AVID [AVID brings improved efficiency and integrity to county recording efforts.]
  • Fidlar Technologies supports counties through installation and beyond [With hands-on support provided in-person and over various communication channels, counties that sign on for Fidlar Technologies software can rest assured they will be supported throughout installation and well beyond.]
  • AVID brings modernization to county offices [AVID and Perry County have brought recording to new, modern heights.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Perry County and the impressive changes they have implemented going live with AVID. With AVID’s powerful recording tools on their side, they can free up valuable time and effort while simplifying the recording process. Many aspects of AVID are focused on improving the day-to-day responsibilities of recorders and their staff, streamlining office workflows and reducing the amount of paperwork required. Perry County has embraced this new change and are already exploring the expansive world of AVID with Fidlar Technologies.

Beth Lipe, Perry County Clerk & Recorder, and her staff have been live with AVID for around 3 weeks. The transition from iDoc to AVID represents an important step forwarding in recording, and despite the learning curve it may present, Beth and her staff felt at ease and reassured by the support Fidlar Technologies was able to provide throughout the process. In the few weeks the Perry County office has been live with AVID, Beth and her staff have experienced easier eRecording, even in the face of more in-depth or intricate recording challenges. Whenever Beth encounters a real challenge, she knows that, with Fidlar and AVID on her side, her and her staff can handle anything brought their way.

AVID has been designed internally to represent the embodiment of true eRecording ease and approachability. With powerful modules that allow further utility and efficiency, and next-level support that is always there for you, AVID truly brings counties into the modern age of recording and verifying county records. Fidlar Technologies’ Support Team provides unmatched care and customer service, solving issues at the convenience of a phone call, email, or online chat. AVID promotes a paperless workflow, increasing turnaround time and creating a greener office. With improved searching, data entry, and the addition of back indexing and imaging, AVID offers counties of all sizes the best recording experience available.

“We went live with AVID last month. While it’s been a learning curve, we’ve enjoyed AVID very much so far. The ease-of-use it gives us has been amazing. The peace of mind knowing that Fidlar’s support is ready to help us out whenever we need it is great- they’ve been absolutely phenomenal!”
-Beth Lipe, Perry County Clerk & Recorder

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