The Illinois Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Pike County begins supplementing current services with new utilities from Fidlar Technologies [Pike County signs on to begin offering Laredo, Tapestry, Property Fraud Alert, and Official Records Online to county constituents.]
  • Pike County seeks to provide better service to county citizens [Looking to Fidlar Technologies for assistance, Pike County sets in motion several services that provide residents with increased accessibility and safety.]
  • Laredo, Tapestry, Property Fraud Alert, and Official Records Online offer unmatched utility [Laredo, Tapestry, and Official Records Online offer unparalleled accessibility to county records whereas Property Fraud Alert safeguards homeowners.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to feature Pike County, where commitment to offering their residents the best services available becomes more evident with the addition of several Fidlar Technologies programs. Pike County takes large strides forward with their addition of the Laredo, Tapestry, Property Fraud Alert, and Official Records Online programs. Each service offers a unique approach to records accessibility or protection, but together they help Pike County adapt to a modern age where accessibility is king. County constituents gain benefits unmatched from the addition of these programs, and results will be noticeable shortly after they launch.

Pike County Clerk, Natalie Roseberry, and Fidlar Technologies have come to an agreement to begin offering several powerful services to her county citizens. Designed for those who access records on a daily basis, Laredo, a subscription-based service, is ideal for active searchers who would prefer viewing their search results in a cleaner and more organized method. With the option to sort by various indexed data types, such as party names, dates, and more, Laredo improves the overall accessibility for daily searchers. Tapestry is a web-based search service that constituents can easily access and utilize from any internet-capable device. Searching is performed remotely and securely, at any time, even outside of office hours. Tapestry’s robust reporting options inform you of who is searching, what they’re searching for, and more. In addition, Tapestry allows for transactions that would normally require a trip to your office to be done remotely and securely over the internet. Laredo and Tapestry offer an immensely-improved level of accessibility for a county’s citizens.

Official Records Online is a web-based resource accessible via computer, phone, or tablet. Designed to be easily used by all demographics, visitors to Pike County’s Official Records Online website can easily make purchases via credit card for certified copies of their vital and land records. Designed to safely validate a user’s identity online prior to granting access to records, Official Records Online turns Pike County’s office into the go-to destination for land and vital records.

Property Fraud Alert, a service that is 100% free to county residents, is a program designed to be an early warning system against potential land document fraud. A crime growing in regularity and severity, property fraud can affect anyone, regardless of their geographic location. Pike County takes this scam seriously and has signed on to offer Property Fraud Alert for their citizens, allowing homeowners to sign up, free of charge, and receive alerts when suspicious activity happens with their land record documents. Fidlar Technologies welcomes Pike County to the team, and we are excited to see the great work they will do for their citizens.

“This will be the first time we offer services like Laredo and Tapestry. The accessibility these services will provide is something that we’ve wanted to make available to our constituents and we’re eager to do so with the help of Fidlar Technologies. Customers can feel confident that their data and records remain safe and secure.”

-Natalie Roseberry, Pike County Clerk

Want to learn more about Laredo, Tapestry, Official Records Online, or Property Fraud Alert? Contact Greg Bachman at for additional information.