The Indiana Fidlar eByte: May 2016


We are proud to inform you that Pike County will be providing stronger searching capabilities to constituents with Laredo/Tapestry. Pike County Recorder Jody Hoover was looking to offer her constituents better access to county records and chose Laredo/Tapestry. Enhanced access tools like the subscription-based Laredo and the online-based Tapestry allows for documents to be retrieved securely by searchers, conveniently in their own work environment. County offices that have an existing land records vendor can still take advantage of Fidlar products like Laredo/Tapestry, Honor Rewards, and Property Fraud Alert.



“I think that giving local and remote searchers alike the option to access records via the internet will be an enormous benefit. These tools are used widely throughout the land recording industry, so it was logical to offer my constituents the ability to search securely for the records they need online, from anywhere and at any time. Convenience is an important factor for everyone, with Laredo and Tapestry we’ll be able to increase our accessibility to the public.” – Jody Hoover, Pike County Recorder