The Voice • June 2018


The City Police of Eau Claire, WI have been receiving numerous reports of fraudulent home sales via the classified advertisement website Craigslist. Buyers interested in finding online property have been urged to not engage with any monetary transactions intended to occur online.

Riley Winrich, a resident of Eau Claire, was close to purchasing a local property he had found online but was able to avoid being scammed. The advertisement was outwardly normal in appearance and Winrich was committal until the seller asked him to send money over the internet. “Once he told me he was in Texas, it just did not feel right,” said Winrich.

These scam advertisements are often thought to originate outside of the United States where English may not be the primary language. Frequently, there are numerous grammatical errors within the advertisement listing real estate for sale. In regards to Winrich’s suspicion, he stated, “Be diligent, go with your gut feeling and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t go through with it.” [1]