We are pleased to announce that the Polk County Register of Deeds Office will be offering Laredo and Tapestry to searchers within the county. Remote searching increases the availability of public records, increases the convenience factor of searching records, and provides county offices with an additional channel to gain outside revenue. The subscription-based Laredo and the online-based Tapestry allows for documents to be retrieved securely by searchers, conveniently in their own work environment.

Offering a tool such as Laredo allows Polk County to enhance the user’s ability to perform advanced searches for documents. Customizable features such as Saved Search will give direct notification to the searcher via email or text of newly recorded documents. IRIS, now available directly to the external user, gives the ability to create custom search lists for Party Names & Subdivisions. Along with these enhancements, Laredo Anywhere serves as a companion service that provides mobile search capability on popular mobile devices.



“Remote access will be an excellent way to bring additional revenue into the office. I think offering services such as Laredo and Tapestry greatly improves the value we can provide our searchers. With each one being available, the user can choose which one will fit their needs so they can get what they require from the Polk County repository.” – Sally L. Spanel, Polk County Register of Deeds