The Ohio Fidlar eByte – October 2019

  • Portage County is now offering Property Fraud Alert to county residents [Keeping their constituents first in mind, the Portage County Recorder’s office now offers Property Fraud Alert – at no charge to residents.]
  • Property fraud is growing in regularity and severity [Various forms of property fraud are growing in regularity and evolving in complexity, posing a major threat to citizens. Property Fraud Alert helps to protect residents’ homes against such crimes.]
  • Property Fraud Alert provides awareness and protection via free notifications [Completely free to county residents, Property Fraud Alert notifies citizens when a fraudulent record or claim is filed against their property.]

Fidlar Technologies is excited to highlight Portage County and their commitment to protecting their citizens. By offering Property Fraud Alert to Portage County residents, Recorder Lori Calcei and her staff, continue to prove that their constituents’ well being is at the forefront of their concern. We face dangerous times with a growing array of crimes, scams, and hacks always hovering around the corner, and counties that provide services like Property Fraud Alert provide an ideal example of what being prepared truly is. These terrible acts of crime can affect anyone, at anytime, and counties who take advantage of such programs as Property Fraud Alert will continue to shine in the eyes of their constituents and their neighbors.

Lori Calcei called it quits on waiting to see what more could happen. Lori shared stories of two separate cases of property fraud in the Portage County area, proving that it could happen to anyone, unexpectedly. One of those victims was an acquaintance of Lori’s whose home had a second mortgage surprisingly placed on it. When the acquaintance attempted to sell the house, they discovered the second mortgage. At this point, it was too late to do anything about it and had no choice but to pay off the mortgage before selling the home. The other victim was a random customer who had visited the Recorder’s office, sharing a similar story of fraud against their home.

Property Fraud Alert works to warn citizens against such issues, alerting citizens the moment a document is recorded for their property. In increasing the awareness of this white-collar crime, county offices can continue to add value to their office and daily responsibilities, and build a better connection between themselves and their residents. Property Fraud Alert’s notification system alerts potential victims quickly and concisely, giving ample time to approach the issue. Property Fraud Alert is completely free for citizens to sign up for, granting them a service that they will thank county offices for. Portage County shines a light on the importance of preparedness with their work with Property Fraud Alert, setting a prime example of the mantra “better safe than sorry”.

Portage County residents can sign up for, and learn more about, the free Property Fraud Alert service here:

“We’re now live with Property Fraud Alert and so far, everything’s good. An acquaintance of mine had a 2nd mortgage taken out on their home without her knowledge and she had to pay it off before she could sell her house. Situations like that proved to me that it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’. Property Fraud Alert will help us protect our citizens from these types of scams.”
-Lori Calcei, Portage County Recorder

Want to learn more about how Property Fraud Alerrt can both increase your office’s value and protect your citizens? Contact Greg Bachmann at for additional information.