The Indiana Fidlar eByte: October 2016


We are proud to announce that last month the Porter County Recorder’s Office issued its 300th Honor Rewards Card to a local veteran! Porter County Recorder, Jon C. Miller, has done an outstanding job working with his community to raise awareness of this valuable service. The proof is in the number of veterans and businesses that have signed up in just two years. Veterans will not only gain discounts from local businesses, but will benefit from having their DD-214s recorded by the Porter County Recorder’s Office.

The Honor Rewards program is a community outreach service that is made available through the Recorder’s Office. It allows local participating retailers, restaurants and other businesses to provide veterans with discounted benefits and services. Offering Honor Rewards will prompt individuals to record their important military documents, allowing for them to be replaced if the original was ever lost. Porter County reached a great achievement and we hope Honor Rewards continues to gain support in all of your counties.


“I’m very happy to have Honor Rewards gaining momentum in Porter County. I’ve spoken to the local Chamber of Commerce and will soon be speaking before three different Rotary Clubs. I’ve been able to present at a Veterans Advisory Board meeting and will be doing so again very soon. The board anticipates more than one hundred attendees for the next meeting, I plan to bring a scanner and laptop so I can do on-site recording for any veterans that are present with their military documents.” – Jon C. Miller, Porter County Recorder