The Arkansas Fidlar eByte – May 2019

  • Transition to AVID updates office technology [Circuit Clerk Office advances public service with increased efficiencies of new recording software.]
  • AVID integrates multiple major recording functions [County recording system consists of one all-encompassing workflow.]
  • Seamless eRecording process [AVID offers superior recording function which integrates paper documents and eRecordings into a singular processing queue.]

We are pleased to announce that the Woodruff County Circuit Clerk Office has fully transitioned and is now operational with the AVID land records management system. They will now be better prepared to integrate software upgrades and modular releases from Fidlar. Project Manager Chelsea Roehm was onsite to fully acclimate staff with important aspects and the best practices of the AVID system.

Woodruff County Circuit Clerk Jean Burkett will be able to make improvements to the office workflow and streamline office procedures with the effective and innovative functions of AVID. The AVID land records management system combines the components of document imaging, redaction, eRecording functions and more, eliminating the need for additional integration from multiple vendors. With these functions located conveniently together, AVID provides each user with enhanced abilities and a smooth operating platform for processing.

Additionally, AVID’s origin was centered on eRecordings to provide users with the ability to process and manage land records through a completely paperless workflow. When implemented, the AVID system provides the unique function to seamlessly accept submitted recordings for processing by the Circuit Clerk’s Office. The AVID solution provides an advanced ability to mitigate turnaround time but also to increase each and every office’s recording ability.

“Woodruff County went live with AVID in February of this year. Chelsea Roehm, our Project Manager, was onsite to help us learn the ins and outs of our first electronic recording system. She did a wonderful job of making sure we were all properly trained and ready to apply ourselves to the new AVID workflow. Processing documents with AVID has been a joy, as it is quite easy to use! We are especially happy about indexing legal information which will make searching for these documents in the future a breeze.” – Jean Burkett, Woodruff County Circuit Clerk