The Wisconsin Fidlar eByte: November 2017


The white-collar crime of mortgage fraud is still prevalent within the United States. Criminals keep finding creative ways to commit these crimes as they continue to record fraudulent documents to gain wrongful ownership of your constituents’ property. By implementing Property Fraud Alert within your office, subscribing constituents will be notified any time there is a document recorded with their name as a party.

Property Fraud Alert gives property owners the beneficial advantage of early notification. This community outreach service will promptly alert a subscriber when there is recording activity associated with their name, whether it be a fraudulent deed, a lien on their property, or a legitimate document. This notification provides the lawful owner the opportunity to take appropriate action if necessary.

For these reasons, we have created a complete Property Fraud Alert Launch Kit that includes press releases, letters, FAQs and much more to assist you with making  PFA one of the most valuable services offered in the Recorder’s Office. We want our County Partners to be the leading advocates in the fight against property fraud!



“I am pleased to have Property Fraud Alert active for Rock County. There is so much identity theft and fraud occurring as of late, so every little bit will help. Data breaches seem to happen regularly and I think we should be able to aid in protecting the public’s interest – with PFA we can help. The biggest perk to my constituents is that the service is FREE!” – Sandy Disrud, Rock County Register of Deeds