The Missouri Fidlar eByte – August 2019

  • Taney County has the highest number of time shares in Missouri [With the highest quantity of time shares in Missouri, Property Fraud Alert provides a service indescribably important to the safety of those homes.]
  • A recently-discovered fake document had Taney County on alert [Taney County staff recently discovered an attempt to file a fraudulent document, noting the importance of a safe outlook on their recording efforts.]
  • Property Fraud Alert is the first step to protecting your property [Property Fraud Alert acts as the first line of defense for your home, land, or property, alerting you when a fraudulent document has been filed against it.]

Fidlar Technologies is proud to highlight the tireless efforts of Taney County and their work towards providing a protected environment for homeowners. As property fraud continues to grow in popularity among scammers and criminals, it becomes more and more important to establish safeguards for county constituents. Property Fraud Alert provides an early warning system for counties and their citizens – completely free of charge to the constituents. Taney County, focused on protecting their homeowners, utilizes Property Fraud Alert with resounding success.

A recent discovery in the Taney County courthouse highlighted the need for such safeguards as Property Fraud Alert. When county staff members were comparing a suspect document to an established one, they realized that something was slightly off. The stamp at the top of the sheet, outlining the official information, appeared to be similar to another document’s information. So similar, in fact, that the two stamps were identical, leading the officials to investigating the document further. Ultimately, Jody Stahl, Taney County Recorder, and her staff determined the document was a fraud, filed in an attempt to lay claim to an unsuspecting citizen’s property. Diligence, knowledge, and a keen eye saved the Taney County staff and citizens from an increasingly-common scam, and highlighted the importance of safeguarding citizens from such crimes.

With property fraud scams on the rise, services like Property Fraud Alert prove invaluable. Designed to increase public awareness of the fastest-growing white collar crime, Property Fraud Alert provides invaluable community outreach. When suspected fraud is afoot, the service alerts subscribers of possibly-fraudulent activity, allowing them to promptly take action. Entirely free for county citizens to sign up for, Property Fraud Alert increases the value of your office to your constituents, providing automated calls or emails that alert them of dangerous potential fraud.

We’ve been using Property Fraud Alert since 2010 and have been very happy with it and the Fidlar Support Staff ever since. We’re eager to see Property Fraud Alert continue to grow! Experiences like the fraudulent document make us glad to have products like Property Fraud Alert on our side.-Jody Stahl, Taney County Recorder

Want to learn more about what invaluable safety Property Fraud Alert can provide to your citizens? Contact Damon Seys at for additional information.