The Indiana Fidlar eByte: February 2018













  • Remote access tools provide options to searcher
  • Laredo/Tapestry clearly reports usage and funds
  • Recent Laredo upgrade and Laredo Anywhere release
  • Advances the potential to increase office revenue

Fidlar is pleased to offer remote access tools that greatly increase searchers’ ability to access public records managed by the Recorder’s Office. The subscription-based Laredo and online-based Tapestry provide the searcher with options to best suit their needs. Having information available online also increases the convenience factor for remote searchers. When Laredo/Tapestry is available through your office, users can easily access and print records within their own work environment.


Both Laredo/Tapestry account to the user the associated fees for accessing and printing records. Reporting features within each tool grants the ability to monitor items such as account usage and charges made per user. Functions such as these increase an office’s ability to validate the revenue generated by Laredo/Tapestry.


Through a recent upgrade, Laredo further enhances the user’s ability to perform advanced searches for documents. Features like Saved Search give direct notification to the searcher via email or text of newly recorded documents. IRIS, now available directly to the external user, gives the ability to create custom search lists for Party Names & Subdivisions. Additionally, Fidlar proudly offers the companion service Laredo Anywhere which provides mobile search capabilities on popular mobile devices. Providing enhanced access tools like Laredo/Tapestry greatly increases both the access to records and the potential for additional revenue for the Recorder’s Office.



Laredo and Tapestry generate a revenue that we’re able to monitor and easily account for, which is excellent. For users, they have a wide degree of searching capability with each option, both of which have varying fees that assist the office moving in a forward direction. The costs of the services are also transparent – we know what we are paying and our customers know what they are paying to access necessary documents.” – Jill L. Jackson, Johnson County Recorder

“We have had great response regarding the mobile search option – Laredo Anywhere. Multiple surveyors have positively commented on being able to access records from out in the field. It has proven to save them time, and time is money. The recent upgrades, including increased screen resolution, have been a welcome improvement. Both my staff and my customers have appreciated the ease of use regarding the template functions. All in all, our remote access tools are great and being able to offer them has been win-win.” – Lois Sosinski, LaPorte County Recorder